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Holtrop is a consultancy firm, established in Haarlem (the Netherlands – Amsterdam area) in 1960. Our speciality is determining the suitability of candidates for specific functions and specific organisations. As a result, we advise candidates regarding the development of their careers and organisations regarding appointments, placement and their policy on personnel and organisation. In addition, we give advice with regard to the structure of an organisation, the development of managers within it, the mode of governance, and the techniques for cooperation.

We are known in the market place as an office that is concise and sharp in its judgements, businesslike and no-nonsense in its approach, with enterprising psychologists and management consultants with a good feeling for personal chemistry. We build up long-lasting relationships with our clients in several sectors and branches.

Our services extend from psychological assessment, coaching & career advice, up to counselling and (management) audits.

The assets of our firm include:
• continuity of relations with both clients and candidates
• psychological and industrial expertise
• ‘people deal with people’
• objectivity and integrity.

A proper match between the person, the organisation and the position is essential in order to realise the goals of the organisation (the organisation’s interests). Moreover, the individual is given the opportunity to develop in an environment that does justice to his or her capacities and ambitions (the individual’s interests). We can therefore speak of a ‘win-win situation’.

A proper diagnosis, based on the results of a psychological assessment study, is therefore especially valuable and is a scientifically proven technique.

Since its founding in 1960, Holtrop has been able to assess more than 45,000 candidates at all levels and in a variety of functional relationships in several fields of industries.

A continuous orientation on the labour market, empirical product development, as well as the assessment of standards and results (verifying and validation), form a part of the thought and work discipline of every consultant.

We distinguish between the following types of assessments: